Clamont roadie 61cm

A tidy looking bike built by one of Australia’s finest. Paint is a bit puke though.

cinelli 61cm road bike campgnolo wheels+shimano105-600 (eBay item 120687459748 end time 27-Feb-11 21:33:30 AEDST) : Sport

paging Roger Rabbit !!!

I think the paint is cool. It was all the rage, is period correct and original so you know it hasn’t been squashed or broken.

that paint is awesome!

I have a purple version of that paint job. It has gone from trendy, to puke, to classic. My Clamont is a treat to ride and it remains my main rider after 20 years. I am eyeing up the black one as a second, but I think bidding is going to go silly.

The Jams could rock that, similar to his yellow beast.

arrghh to the no shipping

Sure thats a 61?? $255 with 9 to go…I reckon there’s a few people waiting to pull several triggers on this.

Well bugger me, someone got a decent buy I reckon for $255.

Fortune favours those prepared to travel to the deep 'burbs (where I grew up).

Great buy for someone !!!