Claud Butler Tandem

VINTAGE 1950’s CLAUD BUTLER RACING TANDEM | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Kalamunda Area - Kalamunda | 1037691260

Whoa. Excitement! Imagine hanging out over that back wheel on a winding descent! You’d have a big arse in your face too; the pilot’s saddle seems a long way back. Short wheel base I guess means it has to be tight…

genuine 1950’s my arse …

That thing is crazy weird

Brakes all over the place

haha thinking exactly the same thing.

The stoker controls two of the brakes as well… hell no, that’s asking for trouble.

And even with all those brakes, there’s no drum drag brake.

I can’t be bothered measuring from the photo, but there is a huge amount of setback on both positions.

would not ride.

Would ride for shits and giggles. Would not keep if given to me.