cleaning a rusty cluster?

I have been given a Shimano cluster 28 > 13 (I think) for my Cecil Walker rebuild

The cluster is grey metal and has some surface rust…what the best way of cleaning it please…

I’ve got a bench grinder with a wire wheel on it. Everything I disassemble gets a quick run on the wire wheel before being painted/plated. You’d be surprised at what can be resurrected. The wire wheel is hard enough that it removes surface rust, and soft enough that it doesn’t damage the surface.

I’ve also got a small red plastic wire wheel, which fits into the end of a drill. That’s really great because it’s a lot more portable, and it’s really gentle. It still gets off a lot of surface rust.

You could always try dropping it in an container filled with rust convertor, i’ve always had positive results with it. Bunnings has tons of the stuff.

i want someone to try the molasses thingy.

You might not wanna bother cleaning the freewheel … :?

Assuming you are running a 42/52 up front, your Galli rear derailleur might be touch and go in handling a 13/28 out back. That’s a lot of chain wrap for a racing derailleur. :-o