clear mudguards.

obviously this isn’t a question for me.

do clear mudguards exist? where can one purchase them?

What for? They wouldn’t stay clear for long.

ive seen perspex ones… they werent as much clear as they were slightly opaque.

you could also make a DIY set out of 1.25L soft drink bottles, duct tape and a spoke :wink:

I had an idea for these a while back.
You can get clear tubing from buttrings that comes on a roll.
Cut it down the middle and used the concave section as a guard.

A clear mudguard is a contradiction isn’t it? :lol:

If you want them to stay clear, you have to ride when it’s dry, in which case you may as well not have them.

And when you do use them when it’s wet, they’ll turn a lovely ‘mud’ colour which defeats the purpose of them being ‘clear’

But seriously, I use the SKS Race blades which are fairly minimal, do a pretty good job and don’t ruin the look of the bike if that’s what the concern is.

im in the process of designing some flat pack single piece rear guards, will keep you posted if yur interested

if i can get clear plastic i could make one for you.

Something like the “Buttguard” ??


Folded: slips into a jersey or other pocket


Haven’t seen these in shops for a while. Mine is the ‘race’ version, there were bigger and wider ‘city’ and ‘mountain’ versions. I reckon if they were half the price they would have sold 4 times as many. Not the best cover but has saved me from a very wet arse a number of times.

That is AWESOME.

mine will be better.

how do those ones attach?

thats rad!
shortsie, are you going to be making up a batch? or is it just a couple for personal use? happy to pay in beer/sexual favours/rubles.

See the die-cut squiggles? They pop out and the whole thing “clips” onto your saddle rails, surprisingly securely. Can wrap a zip tie for extra hold but I’ve never seen the need. I usually have a small roadie tool bag on as well.

A neat idea but maybe could have been better executed - if you come up with a better one you have a customer (or a test pilot).

OMG - ‘wet arse’ Thursday convinced me I need one of these too.

Please keep us posted shortsie!

dunno how many im gonna make. If they are any good i’ll make a few.

i’ll let yous knows

I’ve seen clear inflatable mud guards. Basically it looks like a mud guard made out of a nike air cell from inside a shoe. You can deflate it and roll it back in when its not raining. Kinda weird/ugs, but i like that it can come in/out when you wanna use it.

Topeak “air fender”. Expensive, bulky even when folded, and heavy. Not to mention ugly.
It’s one of things when you first see it you think 'hey that’s pretty cool", then you look a bit closer and you think “hang on a sec, no it isn’t”.