cleats or toe clips

hi everyone

if i put on cleats instead of toe clips and straps on my fixie
will there hv any problem? any bad? :?

ps im ride on street

what pedals do u have? U cant put cleats on for every pedals.

do you mean like track cleats for track pedals or spd’s/time etc??

ohhh i asked a wrong question. :expressionless:

i think i should be “can i use spd pedal on a fixie, any bad?” :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, yes you can use any pedal on a ‘fixie’ but it will just be harder to skid unless you are totally confident you wont ‘pull out’ or become uncliped.

if you have not brought any pedals yet most people on this forum speak highly of ‘time atac’s’

why do you always put the word fixie in apostrophes?

not sure, just find it a funny term.

for the same reason people often put on rubber gloves when handling something distasteful :wink:

It is actually easier to skid with cleats.

Speedplays FTW.

Forum gold.

My thoughts too, imortalised in my sig…

You really hit that nail on the head :slight_smile:

I’m already invested in SPD so am sticking with that on my new bike. Can always swap for clips and straps later.

Can you remove pedals without a pedal wrench?

I’m a big fan of Spd’s, but I come from a MTB background.

You can use a normal spanner, shifter, or an allen key if the pedal permits. Somehow I think this is not what you want to know. Don’t forget about the reverse threading on the non-drive side.

I used to love Spd’s too coming from a ‘BMX racing’ background. When I started coming unclipped from my spd’s on the ‘fixie’ I switched to time’s after having them recommended to me by a few of the couriers round here. Such a nicer pedal, can’t believe Shimano haven’t done something to improve their design.

Best pedal EVER! Don’t believe the maintenance bulls!t either, I haven’t lubed my pedals or replaced any bits in the last year and a half.

ya i get it!
thx a lot :smiley: