Climbing partner?

Anyone here climb? Or want to?

I’m trying to get back to climbing outdoors more regularly but my old climbing partners have now either become unreliable in middle age or have moved to Tassie or the Blue Mtns. I like you lot so I thought I’d put some feelers out.

I’ve been climbing about 17 years but less so in the last 7 or so years because of work and kids. But I’m now motivated to get out again, with an eye to getting strong and efficient for some long-term projects.

My wife and I have come to an agreement that we can each get one weekend a month to get out separately for our hobbies. So I’m thinking weekends in the Grampians and Vic Alps climbing, gravel grinding, road riding and trail running.

I’ll be heading out next weekend to the Grampians or Arapiles, weather permitting. If I can’t find a partner I’ll go bouldering. I’ll be happy to teach rope and trad-climbing skills to beginners or anyone interested in trying it out. I just want to get out there. I’ve got all the necessary gear and a car, even spare tents and sleeping pads if needed.

It’s fun, join me!

Me Me Me Me

I’m on the tail end of a pulley injury recovery but just want to get outside. Have lead 20 sport, V4 bouldering, seconded some 16 trad climbs.

Keen to learn how to trad, happy to belay you while I’m recovering (can climb easy stuff atm) just so I can get my head around some of the more technical rope skills/trad stuff. Have a rope, shoes, harness, bouldering mat and a car (but no license lol). Also keen to trail run in the Gramps/araps.

I’m also funemployed until Feb…

I’m glad you saw this

paging jelmer…

Rad Aeons I’ll PM you. I’m watching the weather. If next weekend looks rad I might be able to pull 3 days.