Climbing Party

This guy had a climbing party of one! Check out the total distance and M of elevation

Bike Ride Profile | 16kilometers near Belgrave | Times and Records | Strava

how fucking boring.


Why 11 laps, not a nice even figure like 10??

one louder…

It’s allways passion

That’s George - who also rode 10 laps of Mt Donna Buang - Mt Everest in a Day | Cycling Tips


great story… did, and will, read again. A++

Pretty sure Miller did 100 laps of Yarra St on the Boulie. 130 km.

I was reminded of this looking at the ride profile. Unsurprising that it’s the same guy.

Correct - Tales from the llama stable: HCC Kew Crits 5th Jan 2011 & Yarra St Redux

That story was pretty good!

Hahaha! 4100m ascent! He’s a nutter.

Eating a kilo of lamingtons after it was the best part.