Clincher tire won't stick in rim when inflating

I have NOS Panaracer Pasela white 700 x 28 cc tires which I’m trying to put on a Velocity Dyad.
I checked prior to gettng the tires and 28cc dshould go on it alright.
When I fit both the tire and tube and inflate the tire bulges out in places. It might have been folded for years who knows but it’s driving me crazy.
This is only happening to one wheel, not both. The other is fine.

Any ideas on how to remedy this?

get a new bike


Put some powder on the tube. it may help.

After putting the first side of the tyre on Keep pushing the tube to the very top of the under side of the tyre with one hand while closing it off with the other. then as always double check to see if you can see the tube “by pushing back the tyre” before inflating.

Should this be in the “tips and tricks sticky” thread rather than HELP?