Clinchers for DISC?

I find these don’t have much traction on the road (as other tyres I’ve used). Anyone else find this?

I usually use the Micheline pro race 2, because it’s competitive price wise and apparently a fast sort of tyre on the road and because I’m a bit “ze Francophile”.

I bought rubino pros on special as someone told me they very long lasting. I think this is true, and they do give away a smidge of grip on the Michelins - but there’s not much in it to my mind.

yeah I’ve been using pro race 2 on my roadie for a couple of years. I reckon they’re great. I dunno if the roads are just a bit dusty at the moment or something.

Yeah , that’s why I’m interested to see what the Michelin Grip 3 tyre is like on the road and maybe at DISC. It might have the speed aspects of the Pro Race 2, with more grip.

I guess there’s more than just traction to a good velodrome clincher though.

As per the topic, I was talking about using them at DISC…

And fair enough too. :slight_smile:

Just trying to get to the bottom of the differences in characteristics of popular tyres, like Rubino Pros and Michelins, road vs. boards.

Anyone tried using Conti tires with the Black Chili compound at DISC?

Yes, they’re fine.

I’ve run heaps of different tyres at DISC, even Gatorskins without any problems.

what about nobbys? you ran nobbys?

what about nobbys? you ran nobbys?

Only when the track’s muddy mate.

yeah ok i get it! but that’s a funny comment :smiley:

shortsie’s a funny guy.

I ran these two weeks ago and rolled the rear off and blew a tube at the top of the turn. I daresay I had them at a lower psi than I should have, though.

have the thoughts on clinchers on boards changed? I’d prefer a 23c/24c tyre (which rules out veloflex records)

anyone run a vittoria graphene (corsa or rubino pro) tyre?

8 year thread excavation is good.

Flip-floppers get banned, so we’ll never know

some old-school FoA in there (IIRC it was called FgA back then…)

[QUOTE=neil;653178]have the thoughts on clinchers on boards changed? I’d prefer a 23c/24c tyre (which rules out veloflex records)

I use the Veloflex Master in 23c clincher at Disc. No issues with grip. I have worn them in a bit on the concrete tracks though.

Wait, what? You haven’t always been Captain Commuter?

Clinchers I’ve used on the boards without any issues are Kenda Kaliente and Conti GP4000. Have used both extensively and never, ever felt a tyre slide out. Both should be available in 23mm at a reasonable price.

Agree with previous comments regarding Veloflex Record (which are what I now use on my training wheels), but they are expensive and delicate.

Also probably worth mentioning that there are countless other clinchers that will work just fine. I think it’s more a case of ruling out the ones that won’t.

And also, if you have the dough for Records, don’t be put off by the 22mm width. They feel exactly like a 23mm. Sweet fuck all difference.