clothes shops

here in adelaide there are not many places to go unless you want to dress like every AFL player with elwood shirts big sunnies and ripped up jeans with thongs

i go to a few places like and ebay (very time consuming filtering through all the shit) - any other good online stores around?

cheap and good quality if you’re after plain tees, hoodies etc.

Bro, two words:

American Apparel.

We can go shopping there tomorrow night. It’s late night shopping!

We can do that awesome thing in the movies where the come out of the changerooms in various outfits, with each being more wackier than the last, then finally settling on one that is normal, yet still cool.

I can’t wait!

EDIT: Check Urban Outfitters online out. There’s some shit, but you might be able to get some deals.

Clothes are more of Handsome James’ forte. is so good. ahhh is pretty sweet and also has some “ok” things… but also RHD, realstore, lax.

Get in while you can!

American Apparel shares continue to slide - BusinessWeek

i used to work for urban outfitters in glasgow

those fuckers can eat a dick!!!

worst. job. ever

good stuff brew, have to buy a few things at once, us shipping is a bit of a bastard!

Not surprised … going by their New York stores it’s just General Pants, more cheap mass produced knock offs, in-store DJ’s and lotsa savvy marketing and product merchandising.

Eventually everyone will be wearing the same shit <yawn>

what do you mean ‘eventually’? been out on a sat night recently?!

Nope … Friday and Sat. are for amateurs and kids from the 'burbs :stuck_out_tongue:

Very quick time from order to receiving your package.

otherwise known as weekend warriors.

montage!!! AmAppy are screwed because they have a massive creep for a boss and run sweatshops

stumbled across and it looks sick

they don’t run sweatshops, you fucking retard

yeah, I thought no sweatshops was a big part of their philosophy (for want of a better word)?

No, they just employ Mexican’s to work illegally for them in LA…

W h a t

                                                 w                                                               a 




are you ok, slick rick?

don’t hate the player…
the american economy is actually, literally reliant on illegals working shitty jobs

I don’t hate them.

I find hilariously ironic.