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Anyone have any recommendations on shoes for use with crankbrothers candy Cs? This is my first time riding clipless, so I’m open to suggestions.

Also, any recommendations on autumn/winter riding gear? I’ve been in shorts and tshirts the past couple of weekends, and getting a bit chilly.

Cheers guys,

Shoes? Pick the ones that fit. Sounds dumb, but ive seen dudes with expensive shoes that hurt their feet. Find the best ones for your foot and go from there, as all makes of shoe have different ‘cuts’. Feature-wise, personally i like shoes with a ratchet strap, but they tend to be a bit more expensive. As far as eggbeaters go, i used them with shimano mtb shoes (with a soft-ish rubber sole around the cleat) and they seemed to dig trenches in the sole. Didn’t really affect walking/clipping though.

For winter, i suggest wool jerseys, 3/4 pants, windstopper vests… i like having a bit of airflow around the limbs, know-what-i-mean?

What Spuddy said.

Also, decide whether you want shoes to ride in or shoes to walk in. Stiffer soles are better for riding but not for walking. Soft soles will give you sore feet after riding longer distances.

What size shoe do you need?

Bike shops often have shoes on sale in smaller and larger sizes when they’re trying to clear stock. If you’re lucky enough to have feet that aren’t size 43-46 that might be a place to find a bargain.

Otherwise, trudge around some bike shops and just try lots of shoes on. You should be able to narrow it down to brands that fit you well. Personally I’ve only had Carnacs for the last 5 or 6 years because they fit me really well. Unfortunately they tend to be pricey but I’ve always been able to get them on sale. My MTB shoes are getting a bit worn out now so I’m kind of hunting for shoes too.

Normally I’d spam you now about going to see what Dan has to offer, but since you were there on Saturday that won’t be necessary :wink:

Just check that the tread doesn’t stop the cleat from reaching the pedal. I’ve been using some shimano SH-M072 mtb shoes with candies, they are extremely comfortable with quite stiff soles, but I had to cut a heap of rubber off around the cleat area before they would (dis)engage cleanly. The crankbrothers site has some info on it:

hope that helps :slight_smile:


Yo Romesh,

There’s lots and lots of shoes out there … I usually go for what fits and is cheap coz I tend to wear them for most of the day, everyday. MTB shoes are the way to go if you want to walk around with them. Like 853 said, they might be alittle soft but I’ve never felt like I need a stiffer shoe. One think I’d consider, since I’m riding fixed is that I don’t want laces since they can get caught in the drive while riding.

As for clothes … just wear what’s comfortable for you, as long as nothing gets trapped in your chainring/chain while riding. Remember, you’re riding a fixed gear. Lot’s of style points there already. Fancy dedicated cycling clothing not necessary.


Dunlop Volleys…they work a bloody treat. Don’t be suckered into the clipless stuff, its just a passing fad…Isn’t that right NICK???

When it comes to pedal/shoe combos, Rhino is the man.

Compared to Rhino, the rest of us are only just crawling out of the water.

Near Glenlyon & Sydney, it’s called Episode and is great for cheapish jerseys and other general clothes.

I wonder if there is a dunlop volley fan club?

One in

Thanks for all the replies :slight_smile: I’ll check out Episode in Brunswick and I’ll start the shoe hunt at pushi in the city.

I’m thinking about riding to work a couple of times a week, so I thought I better stay warm for the evenings. Also, I’m kinda paranoid about getting pants/shoelaces/fingers caught in my drivetrain :slight_smile:


Yep, you’re it :wink:

SIDI or nothing!

You’re feet will love you for it.

Or save yourself the cash - and spend it on quality pedals/ cages AND double straps.

Andy…I have a pair of SIDI’S, nice ones too.

But even you have seen the massive amount of power transfer the volleys produce!!

By the way Andy, that last alleycat I followed you in…I have never ridden like that again, and the hunger has come back. Looking forward to seeing you in Sydney at the courier worlds…I will be there!!!

i just got a pair of leather sidi track shoes from ebay… gonna use em with clips and straps for distance stuff. is anyone with me that vans slip ons (esp the leather ones) spank volleys in a big way? and the yellow or green canvas surely cant beat for stylin on a summers day…

spank volleys in a big ways


Don’t knock it till you tried, they are cheap n fast, and great value at $36 each. I know you only winding me up, but fare go…

i was just revvin mate, but am suprised at the tenacity of your D! i got a Q bout toe clips… some of my fave bikes from FGG have toeclips that seem to have leather strips sewn onto the front of the clips, i assume to stop em chewin your shoes up… are these all just home jobs or is there someone out there making specialy cut strips? anyone done it and have some handy hints to throw my way?

The toeclips came from the factory like that, until the early eighties. Good luck/fat chance finding them now.

I have a pair like that. The leather came off one. it wasn’t hard to buy some more and sew a new leather sleave on. And they do stop your shoes getting ripped up by the metal.

Buy some thin leather and some leather cord and needle. Experiment with bits of paper to make a template to go round the toe clip.

Bobs your uncle. Sew away!

so did I !

another pair of these:

my suntour superbe (road) pedals have a little fleecey bit on the KKT (NJS) chrome straps to protect my shoes.

  • Joel

Speaking of leather shoes, here is my “new” pair of shoes -

Detto Pietro

As for leather covered toe-clips, you can DIY or get some from this fella -