So I’m considering my clothing choices for Tour Aotearoa.

I’d like one or two merino tops that I could ride in but are also suitable for wearing on rest days.
ATM the only merino tops I have are tight baselayers or Mountain Designs V neck shirts.
Are there any cycling specific merino tops that are:
[li]full zip[/li][li]casual fit but not too loose[/li][li]plain and dark design/colourway.[/li][/ul]
I’m not a fan of Ground Effect designs.

Also, shorts…
What are people’s preferences?
Bibs or no bibs under? Padded shorts or not?

I used bibs with Swrve shorts over them on the brevet, but I can ride big kms without bibs so I’ll have the option of washing the bibs and drying them. Don’t get padded shorts.

I’m gonna use our shop jersey -merino, not to tight, good pockets, mostly black.

Giro have some ok casual bike gear? Rapha?

I rode the Goldfields Track recently pretty much exclusively* in my Icebreaker button up dress shirt. It was excellent, and I’ll be wearing it on similar trips. Snot cycling specific, or even sports specific, but the sleeves would stay up without rolling, I could open it up if I needed to, and I could certainly go out for dinner in it. They’ve changed the design a bit and added a naff pocket, but they have plaid now. There’s a second design too, using much lighter weight wool weave.

    • no pants!

Not sure if this fits the brief, but the Rapha brevet jerseys are pretty great. Made of “sports wool” which seems to be some sort of merino blend. Super comfy, and can be gotten in darker colours with high-viz highlights.

That’s all I’ve got… Ooh, and it looks like it’s on sale too.

edit: scrap that, really limited sizes only on sale…

edit pt2: looks like they’ve only got really limited stock. Orange long sleeve or team sky only…

Goodcycles jersey is a really good jersey eh.

My Rapha Brevet jersey has been my most worn until now. It’s excellent, even if it is cliched. I’ll be mixing the Goodcycles one in a bit now too.

Maybe look into some of the Giro New Road stuff?

Pete, that Icebreaker Compass shirt looks good. I can get my lumbersexual (sans facial hair) on.
I’m bummed I didn’t have the funds for the Goodcycles jersey when they were on pre-order. MikeD, are there any left in stock?

Looks like I’ll go with one jersey (Rapha Brevet is tempting), one other shirt like the Icebreaker, one set of bib shorts and my Rapha Touring Shorts.

Also, MikeD, what kinda underwear do you use if not bib shorts?

Bonds undies, guess it’s a combo of saddle and shorts.

We have a few in stock but not your size, but we are doing another pre-order, price has gone up to $140 (to reward the people who backed/supported us 1st up)
email the shop if your keen (reccomend going a size up if your in between 2 sizes)

I think the next order will be going thru before Xmas, but ask.

I couldn’t tour in cotton undies. I could sweat in a fridge so I try to avoid cotton when riding.

I’ll email the shop. Thanks again.

2nd the Rapha Brevet Jersey and Gillet…relfective adds a safety value, and the jersey has a breast pocket (which I use to keep money in).

For bibs, Sugoi RS are amazing, and then I wear shy-shorts over the top which have pockets in them. POCKETS when bikepacking are AMAZING…

Shit yes pockets! So underrated. I love the pockets on my swrve shorts

I have a DDCX merino top made by Creux, I didn’t use it on the brevet cos it was black and too thick for my liking but Tom wore his, I think he liked his.

I just opted for a regular Castelli polyester jersey. Had arm warmers and a polyester undertop in my bag (I only wore it at night).

I wore LG neo power bibs which I’ve had for a few years, they were great. I bought a pair of their newer neo power motion bibs but just sent them back as they fell apart. No overshorts. I think taking no shorts was a bit of a mistake in hindsight.

You’ll definately want something bright to wear when the weather turns to shit or you’re riding at night. Especially when you’re in logging truck country (read most of the route). I wore a daggy-as but very visible Craft hi-viz gilet.

3rd Rapha Brevet.

I ride in linen shirts on tour too. Nice and light, breezy. Uniqlo ones are good value and sleeves stay up.
I usually wear bibs under Outlier shorts.

Yeah. I used the creux Jersey on both brevets. They are good. Bit thick but hey NZ ain’t that hot and full zip plus good pockets. And a bright red reflective gillet.

Bibs/Knicks are so personal not really worth telling but I used rapha classic

All the guys I knew wearing merino on the KB were in ground effect gear.

If Icebreaker made a cycling jersey that’d be perfect, but I’d definitely get something with rear pockets (preferably some with zips too).

That Rapha Brevet jersey looks the goods. If only you could get a non Sky SS version.

My guess is they’re going to release a new round of them. I bought a SS orange one about 6 months back, there were 4 or 5 non-sky colours available then.

They do (did?) everything from ultralight to medium-heavy weight jerseys, with and without pockets

Can’t find any icebreaker cycling jerseys in their current line up.

This is Scott Emmens- He organised last year’s KB and is a designer for Ground Effect. He’s been rocking one of these jerseys on many bikepacking trips he’s been doing in preparation for the TA (I know this cos Instagram).

By comparison my hometown buddies were wearing these on the KB.

I think the short sleeve version looks good - nice fit, bright and well designed. I’d wear it.