Has anyone bought/used the Clugs?

Now a full blown product.

Small and unobtrusive, won’t be a distraction if we have a party on the top deck and need to get the bikes out of the way.

$25 a clug, only fits a small range of wheel sizes, requires you to have one wheel on the ground because it can’t take the weight…

or you could get these at $3.03/hook and fit damn near any wheel.

Or for the MTBs:

Think I saw Incarsonated post his on the gram the other day…

Edit: Yep,

I thought we were talking about this dude…

Hooks like that won’t work for our deck without looking like an eyesore blakey, thanks though.

Will check out Incarsonateds gram when i get home from work (damn blocked sites).

With the three different sizes of the Clugs, two small clugs (roady & track) & three MTB ones (Dually, SS Commuter and Electra Townie) would see us sorted for the current quiver.

Would definitely get some Grugs

mates ordered one a few weeks ago to park his bike up on his balcony, ill snap some pics/review when he gets it installed.

for $25, seems worthwhile if standing your bike vertical on the wall is what you want/need