C'mon Jesus/Yahweh/Allah/Buddha ... help me out here.


Wouldn’t mind owning this old Cinelli. Crappy pics but from what I see it’s a beauty.

WOW what a survivor looks mint…


how do people find these things! and when they do imagine the excitement!

Bid like it’s the only one on earth, cos there’s only 14 others!!!

That’s just an amazing bike.

haha so good

I’m not sure Buddha is the man to be asking for help with obtaining material possessions. ;][FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=6]

then stored in a tempature controlled attic since!!!
Wish I had a temperature controlled attic…

I have a temp controlled attic up here in qld.
Its’s 60 deg and humid all year round.

Could be pre 1960 - with the “wolf ear” head lugs. I don’t think there’s any evidence of them being used much after '60. Would be interesting to see if it has the bb oiler port.

I been chanting … Omm_Money_Come_To_Me

tempature controlled attic since!!!

Creates a nice image in the mind, even if BS.

My caravan is temorerature controlled, whatever the temoerature is outside, if it’s below 10 degrees it’s 2deg colder, if it’s above 25 it’s 5 deg warmer. If it’s in the middle it’s average, so idk if it’s control or predictabbility. Arent they the same though?
also that brings me to the questions?: do thing sgo off at 50deg+?

Ever noticed how your balls hang lower when it’s hot. That’s temperature controlled.

Got over 5 grand

From most of the talk on forums seems it may have been a late 50’s model