C'mon Sydney

saturday was a good ride. 40-odd degrees, and i actually didnt feel completely drained at the end. and the 67 km/h on the sprint into la perouse was killer! although i do reckon levon’s computer could do with some calibrating… :stuck_out_tongue:

Your right mate I’m sure I was going faster!

i think youre right. i mean, i was doing at least 80 and you passed me, so… i reckon i need a more aerodynamic riding position to keep up on those sprints.

critical mass this friday, anyone going? never done one before, should i bother?

Do you like the smell of Petuli?

. . . and mung beans.

I’m trying to bring some funk back to saturday mornings. :mrgreen:
I’ve been looked upon favourably at work so the next few weeks I should be a regular fixture. I really enjoyed the la pa ride, we should do some more longer rides in coming weeks.

you definately need more stickers to rhys, got some floating around here if you want, can bring.

yeh, i got given a slurpee sticker at the 7-11. i’ll bring that too.

and yes, well up for some longer rides. im just not sure about this saturday morning “funk”.

and to whoever was talking about CriticalMass, i turned up to the bridge ride last year. there were a lot of ppl there with that “crazy” look in their eyes that you sometimes see among homeless people, or Ivan Milat. and the smell, my sweet lord, the smell…

Mmmmmm Tasty baked treats…!!! What would we do if B St Bakery did not exist.

I’ve been too busy lately to make it to a Saturday ride through working in Melbourne , Vanuatu & now I’m headed back to London again this Wednesday for up to a year (Dont know how long yet) . Hope to see you Sydney guys for a ride, coffee & or beer again sometime in the future . I will be buying a new ride asap

hey Russ!
Hope everything goes well for you in the UK. Had been wondering why we hadnt seen you around…

See you sometime, there’ll be plenty of cold beers when you get back around here i’m sure.

Well 1st week back in London & I have managed to permanently “borrow” a brand new Charge Plug Freestyle from my Housemate as she never rides it . I went to quite a few fixie shops in the East End including Brick Lane Bikes & the new awesome Shop14 in Shoreditch that has some absolutely amazing complete bikes for around £1400-£1800 (damn expensive) . There are so many fixed gears around London now that they are more common than geared ones . I’ll put up pics soon