Cmwc2015 rego and website is open!

Website and rego is officially open for business!!

CMWC Melbourne

There is a one month only earlybird rate of $60AUD so get in quick, it will only go up from there.
All welcome, so please don’t hesitate if you’re not a messenger, it’s gunna be huuuuuge so we want everyone involved!

Registration gets you entry to all CMWC events, cheap (free?) food’n’booze, official CMWC 2015 t-shirt, whatever other goodies we can cram in the rego pack and unlimited good times.

Do you have to be a courier to race?

^ No.

Rad! Just signed up then!

I’m going to win this.

Gonna sabotage you so bad.

Then I guess you’re not staying at my house for the duration.

This is gonna be fun


gotta try get home for it somehow.

You may recognise a name or two from all tbose courier docos.

Do I need a team? Does anyone want to be on a team with me for non couriers?

I too am a non-courier so just left Team blank.

Do we join MDMA?

Nah you dont need a team, feel free to make one up/ or put in whatever you like. Its more for people who want to rep their companies etc. It doesnt make a difference what team you put down for any events.

I’m gonna drive my van down and park it outside your house and sleep there. I’ll pop in to say hey (and shit in your bathroom)