Hi Guys

Would anyone be keen for a spot of #coffeeoutside in the coming weeks? You guys know how it goes, ride bikes someone to meet up, make a coffee or 3 while we watch the sunrise and and pootle off to work highly caffeinated!

I figure it’s going to start getting a bit nicer in the next few weeks…

This sounds perfect!

I’m into this. Anything to get me out of bed early these days. Do you commute around the Pialligo side of the lake?


And my Japanese ultralight bikepacking folding lasercut pour over with an artisan leather pouch should be here soon (not even joking, hipster cataclysm).

I’d be in to this, need to start commuting again anyway

Geez, the hipster game is strong. Dunno if I can turn up to those shenanigans, I’m gonna be totally passé.

Sweeeeet, anyone keen for Thurday next week?

I think so. My commute is Campbell to Fyshwick.

Hoy Hoy. So I won’t be able to ride in tomorrow as I am moving out of the house sitting house and my life will be in my car. Keep this going though, good brews before work is an ace idea.

Tomorrow doesn’t work for me, it’s Sabrina’s birthday. Can we do Friday this week?

I won’t be able to join in till after this weekend

I’m waiting to find out what time i’m working in the morning, most likely 8:30. Anyone keen for 7:30? Jerra Wetlands?

It’s going to be -3. Ya’ll still keen?

Sorry, family emergency so I have to bail this time.

Ok I didn’t see this :frowning: let’s try again next week