Cog & Lcokring brands?

I’m in need for a higher quality cog and lock ring since I never want to strip my threads again…
I know about Surly, Dura Ace and EAI, but i’m interested in other brands that are closer to home, mainly so they can be shipped to me faster. But any brands that produce high quality stuff, throw them at me, thanks :slight_smile:
Oh and if anyone knows any australian online parts stores, throw them in too :slight_smile:

Gear shop brisbane has it all.

or, you know, you could google it yourself.

Here you go: Let me google that for you

I recommend ‘campaghlio’. Top shiz bro.

Seriously, dura-ace, don’t fuck around.

Edit: lol at diddy

I appreciate the humor of diddy, but the whole reason i post on the “help” section of this site is to actually get help? thank you anyways.

It’s been covered too many times to mention.

NJS, bro… Enn Jay Ess.

maybe, if you used the search function, you’d learn from the questions of others AND not piss people off with your inanity. whoa! win-win!

come on guys dont fuck around


thread closed.