Cog Mag 4

After a bit of a delay the latest Cog will be here in the next day or so.

Due to the collapse of the South Pacific Peso it has cost a truck to get the mags posted over so i am asking for a $2 donation to help cover postage cost. If you want it posted out it will be a flat fiver for the postage plus donation.

Not many copies and i wont be distributing many to the normal spots so let me know if want one.

Got a paypal or equivalent? direct deposit?


emailed. cause i kick it like it’s 1998.

Whatever you do for Brendan, can you do it twice and he can give me one?

paypal is:

or cash in hand is also fine!

Also hardcover photo annual is still in the pipes though may be a bit more expensive with exchange rate, etc (like 30ish bucks) but will let everyone know more when i do.