Cog Mag and looking for a custom framebuilder in Melbs (or Sidders)

Guys next issue of Cog Mag is in the pipeline but two other things to mention:

  • Cog Mag will have a photographer/journo in Australia soon and are looking for an Australian custom framebuilder to feature in an upcoming issue, complete with an interview and “angel in the centrefold”. So if anyone has any ideas/leads/definite 'YO"s then let me know and we can tee something up.

  • Cog will be releasing a hardcover photo edition which will become an annual feature ala Rouleur in November ( Direct from the website it is US$45 delivered but i can get it at US$20 + some postage (probably not more than 5 bux Oz). If you would like a copy let me know and we can sort out payment closer to the delivery date. They will be sent out with Issue 5.

Where do i sign
pm’d details

Llewellyn bikes -

He is in Brisbane.

Looking on TV at the Paralympics - which ABC have given brilliant coverage to imo, who built the alloy tandem frames?

Tha clarity on my TV isn’t great, but I thought it might have been Perkins.

Why go middle of the road builders… There’s none better than llewellyn.

Best in show at the NAHBS - Need another reason?

I’m sure the photographer can find an extra 300 bones to get to brisbane and back.

got a contact dutchie?

Andy do you mean a contact for Llewellyn or the photographer?

i have sent the deets through to Pete the editor of Cog and he hasnt got back to me as of yet with some contacts for the photographer. I’ll let you know when he does.