Cog Mag Issue 1

Cog Mag has been recently released and i have organised to distribute the magazine in Australia. Check it out here and a writeup on Soma’s website:

I have managed to get hold of 100 copies for Australia. I will be distributing these inside relevant shops and to anyone else who is interested pretty much!!

To order a copy from the US will set you back US$17 but i will be charging zippo to maintain the approach that has been adopted around the world (free in shops).

I will be putting 70 in shops and will save 30 to give out to people who i feel would really appreciate the mag (ie you guys). Only one a person at this stage as i want to get it out as far as possible. Mag is in transit so will send them out as soon as i have them (1-2 weeks im guessing).

I am happy to post them out if required (pickup if possible in Melbourne would be great!) but will require some cash for postage as i have already covered the postage to get them out here from the US…

PM if you are interested and we can sort out pickup, postage,etc.



Just got these in a big brown box from the US and i have to say i am very impressed!

46 pages of high quality pics and stories with a fold out poster in the middle!

Will get in contact with those who PM’ed me this arvo but if anyone else is interested let me know before they go out to the ether of the unknown and get placed in bike shops, etc.



Dutch, what shops are you planning on dropping these off too?

will finalise that over the weekend.

Just have my ring hanging out with work at the moment, so havent had time to really think about it and then go out and drop them off, etc, etc.

Are you in NZ?

Nope, I’m an import based here in Melbin.

an imposter!!!

um more than likely spoken and shifterbikes at the moment but if you want a copy i can just catch up with you and give you one. PM if your keen.

Who’s picked this up so far, what are your thoughts?

Thanks heaps to dutch for sending a few down this way, I’ll be sharing them about.

To be honest, I’m glad I didn’t have to pay $17 for a copy (meaning I’m even more appreciative of the free copies!). The writing is pretty average, the content is minimal and the design is woeful! Probably not the response they’re looking for, but I can’t help but be honest.

Pick it up for yourself and tell us what you think?