This morning when I got the bike out of the shed to ride to work my thermometer read -0.4 degrees.
I feel some pain coming this winter.


Paging NikCee, can we get a corroborating measurement from the South Coburg weather station please?

I could feel it in my fingers, I couldn’t feel my toes…

Just checked out some of the obs data on BOM. Apparent temp at Tullamarine airport was -1.8 at 6:00am, at Coldstream the actual temp was -0.8 at 7:30am!

I thought it was weird i slept an hour more than i should have. Clearly my body knew something i didn’t.

This thread needs to be renamed: Warm…

Next thursday for Canberra. Min -4 Max 8

You know it is cold when the grass underneath you crunches and you end up with frost on your tyres. I will take a pic next frosty commute to put things in perspective for you Melbourne chaps.

^ Woah -4!

Yup, we have already had a -6 so far this year.

Canberra Forecast

And here I was thinking that it was cold in Brissie this morning. It was 12C. I’m getting soft living up here.

Carlton Gardens was crunchy this morning. I don’t remember seeing that before.

Same… While I still didn’t feel the need for gloves this morning, I did roll the sleeves of my shirt down

It was 4 degrees when I left this morning. I got half way to work and then remembered I have toe warmers for my shoes…damn!

I peeled off 15 items of kit and clothes before getting into the shower at work this morning

I went paddleboarding on the bay this morning - it felt a little chilly around the toes.

Milwaukee heated jacked.

Enough said!

3.9 in Adelaide when I left for work this morning.

1.4 at 7:30 in Melbourne. Why don’t I have better gloves?

Looking forward to a minimum of 15 tomorrow… Mmm Sydneytown.

Its just a shame about the amount of freaking rain we’ve had of late tho…

True, but seems to be clearing up (slowly)…

The coldest morning I can remember was winter last year, I woke up in the caravan, there was ice on the pants that I was about to put on, and my shoes were damp from the cold. It was about -2deg in the fuckin BURBS, nowhere near chilly sea breezes and shit.