collapsible helmet for bike share

in the age today


might win more acceptance in Sydney, where the state floral emblem is the Waratah:

this scheme lurches from failure to failure. who’s going to wear one of those? I notice the article says Mexico City waived its helmet laws for its bike share scheme. it seems like it would be the only way to rescue it. but then there’s the liability issue and the notion of people unused to riding getting around without helmets

Byo helmet, byo bike.
I wish they had helmet hire too. This helmet is fugly. Also, think I’ve seen in before.

While I hate to see a bike scheme suffer, I do love that the RACV are managing it, and in an effort to move away from ‘driver advocacy’ to ‘a transport organisation’, they are stuffing it up supremely. 108 annual subscriptions seem amazingly low!

I think this is a good start. So long as you can easily get one from the bike share depot.

It’s fair to say that abolishing the mandatory helmet law is not an option.

Could be a good way for the RACV to convince everybody once and for all that bikes aren’t practical transport.

no ulterior motive for them whatsoever huh?

that is the funniest thing i’ve seen in age…s
i feel sorry for the poor model in the photo

I’ve had the exact same thought.

illuminati for sure.

yessir, they’re all about getting us riding these bad boys instead :cool:

The RACV is hemorrhaging members due to the fact the new cars just don’t break down like they used to and often come with their own roadside assist packages. It’s trying to branch out, hence offering bike assist, bike insurance (apparently, though I can’t find links to it) and the like. Which is probably why they’re managing this scheme.