Colnago Master Pursuit

Had this frame for a while now. But I’ve only just completed it last night.

FIR used to be on Colango bikes in the past, so I told myself that I have to get a set of FIR wheels one day. And finally, this dream came true yesterday!

Anyways, here it goes (more pics to come)

Colnago Master Pursuit

Colnago Master Pursuit
Colnago/Campagnolo Super Record
Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Campagnolo Super Record/Campagnolo Super Record
Campagnolo Super Record/Silva/Campagnolo Super Record Cages
Euro Asia Import Silver Medal 17T/Campagnolo Super Record 53T/Izumi
3ttt Moser Time Trial 51.151/3TTT
Selle San Marco Concor Sprint/3TTT Record
Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
FIR Carbon (prototype)/Vittoria
Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
FIR Killing System/Vittoria

This one could be my favourite.




Who are you?

The God of #SOTB

Thought that was moccos


Once again, nice.

Dot Com?

Killing System? Yikes.

Fantastic. Love all your bikes! If you get a line on another Master pursuit let me know :slight_smile:

Wow, is SOTB coming alive in NZ? They’re way ahead on trend though so maybe they’re already past it

Master Pursuits are not hard to find, especially ones without a fork… Apparently they are all piles of them in Ukraine at the present.

I do have another which I’m currently working on… here is a pic, not yet finished.

sorry to sound like a noob, but what is SOTB?

and thanks for all the feedbacks.

as I said it before, it’s good to be able to share my passion for bikes with people who understands. :slight_smile: Thank you all…

just a nobody who likes classic track bikes…:slight_smile:

What the hell. I want to see your ‘winter’ bike

A movement.
An expression.
A poem.
A state of mind.
A philsophy.

Nah, it’s just this:

Could you possibly have every finalist for BOTY??? It’s like watching the bledisloe, if SOTB was a comp. The collection is worthy of a clean sweep and this is my fav.