Colnago Pista Stayer Track Frame - Only 1 ever made

this is interesting, anyone care to shed some light?

COLNAGO Master Pista Stayer Track frame 1 made NOS NEW | eBay

It’s for motorpaced racing right? Long frame allows you to flip the fork so you can get as close as possible to the motorcycle.


The seller should change his/her ebay name to moron.

Makes a claim (underlined, no less) that it’s the only one ever made is bad enough, then shows not one pic with the fork actually in the frame.

That’s the ugliest Colnago I’ve seen.

I dig stayers big time. Bloke says (in email,not ad mind you) bike was built for Urs Frueler, a giant of a rider…6’4 i think. Something up 'cause Urs was famous for his EXTENDED seat tube and head tubes above top tube in order to get strength in a large frame. And his magnum 'stache.

Looks a lot bigger than 52…

Thats cos it has a 19cm headtube.

If the hole in the fork is not for a brake then what is it for?

Probably got something to do with the bars.