Colnago Pursuit and few others.

Older style Colnago Sprint Bike | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Canning Area - Canning Vale

Guy selling a couple other bikes aswell. A raleigh track bike, a gios roadie as well. Guy seems to know the worth of the bikes. Worth checking out, all too big for me :frowning:

How tall are you? That raleigh is TINY
Vintage Raleigh TI Team Bike | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Canning Area - Canning Vale

**Also doesnt look like a real colnago

Agreed…looks nice though.

That Gios doesn’t look like a Gios, either. I don’t even think it’s a Gios headtube badge.

Yea not really keen on the raligh roadie. The “colnago” and raliegh track are pretty cool though. What makes you say its not a real colnago? No pantos?

^ No clubs (as far as I can see.) It has a Reynolds sticker on it, too - I don’t think many (if any) 'nagos were built using Reynolds tubing.

That Raleigh track is gorgeous - good price, too.

no panto’s, dodgey colnago stickers, reynolds tubing stickers, zues(i think) track ends

Exhibit A is not a Colnago

yeah that raleigh track isn’t too shabby at all. anyone collecting? or can collect and ship to bris?

Raleigh is amaze and a bargain in that condition. Borderline big for me but I’d buy it anyway if I could! That good.