Colnago stash?

COLNAGO STASH 50cm Master Pista TRACK Frame 1 of 38 !!! (bike/bicycle/fixed) | eBay

i do like this.
pictured frame is more like 54cm though.

These are periodically on eBay, and agree with this ^

They do nothing for me im sorry.
Pure vomit.

Agreed vomit

Price has dropped considerably this time though…

i love this… big mo’ wax fan and his sleves are the best.

different sized frame just got “passed in” at US$1900, had 23 bids, how much do people think they’re worth?

N.B. If the winning bidder is interested (enough) in the full set, I do have a matching 54cm FUTURA frame and kit.


Can there please be a ban on posting these fucking things? Booooooooooring and no one cares.


They are bought and sold on eBay like an investment, never to be ridden. Agreed boring.

15k for the futura one. lol@seller

More lol at buyer

paying homage though. lol

no shit!

Dear millz_**,

Are you familiar with the “Look Ma No Brakes” Futura Colnago Master Pista? Do an eBay search for Futura Colnago and you will see a similar frame to the 54cm one I have. I would sell it (and the full Look ma No Brakes Futura kit (courier bag, various tshirt, hat and socks)) for $11000. To now, they have sold for as much as $14000 and could fetch much more in the future; Futura has great renown as an artist! It would suggest it would be more a speculative investment in art than a rideable bike (for me at least!).
If it is the 54cm size that caught your eye, I just acquired the last 54cm Stash and would part with the frame and full kit for $4000 (very close to the retail price of a standard Master Pista (when they were still made) and the bag).
If you have any more questions, please ask.
Thanks for your interest,

  • chicobr00ks