Colnago Super Pista - Perth

Refurbed, but still nice.

Genuine 70’s Colnago Super Pista Track Frame Fork 59cm Fixie Singlespeed | eBay

dulux sky blue.

Colour no good…

I think the colour is lovely. I don’t think the overexposed photo’s and lighting do justice to a frame of this colour. It’s almost identical to the pale blue (robin’s egg shell blue?) of a Falcon San Remo.

There’s no such thing as a bad colour … it’s more a case of not being built up with the right parts or context to compliment it.

the colour in the headtube pic is nice i think, a gentlemans racer perhaps

Love it,
Shitty pics + the frame hasn’t been clear coated yet so it looks a bit like primer in the washed out photos…

Shame its too big.

Looks like this might end up quite high… It has been painted by one of Perths best frame painters. He painted one of Jases’ old frames for the new owner. So I am sure the paint would be of the highest quality…

I like the colour, they should have re chromed the rear drop outs though

$1000? Nice frame, Nice Make but really?

I would much rather this, But I suppose larger sizes get more.