colnago titanio

Seller is a member at BNA. See topic

he’s put this up on every forum around the place. there seems to be some interest, with very good reason. too big for me, sadly…

Fuck off it’s mine!! :wink:

Currently talking to the guy who is selling it. Will let you all know if I manage to get it.

go son! i guess the question is then do you keep the original paint or get it bead-blasted and put new decals on the raw Ti? how amazing would that look>?

pretty amazing.

i have a feeling that colnagos of this era were hand painted, if that’s the case you wouldnt strip it, especially such a rare colouring-way

If you want a raw Ti bike, get it raw - how could you strip a Colnago paint job? Vandalism.

Dan, I hope you get to order that Eno hub - good luck!

If you don’t get it, this sort of thing comes up often enough:

damn eastern staters and they’re hawt bikes :frowning:

If I get it there is no chance of it getting stripped. If anything I might get a few coats of clear put on to protect the paintwork more. I would love to get this bike!!!

good luck brother. according to the international law of “dibs”, the bike is yours…

Given that it is a colnago, I wouldn’t expect perfection under the paint anyway, might just be a bit disappointing under the pretty finish.

If you want raw Ti, there’s a nice Dean with 10 speed Centaur floating around.

Missed it… damn!

I think someone else wanted it more than me.

it got relisted i think

Quote from the Australian cycling forums.

went to someone in the ACT for $1362.20

thanks to those that showed interest.
hopefully the winner enjoys it more than i did.

Was that for the whole bike (inc wheels)? Not a bad price if that is the case!

Frame only.