Colnago WC Disc

Colnago World Cup Disc:
DEDA bar, stem and post
Fizik Seat
105 Groupo
FSA cranks
XT spds
Hope ProII Evo x PhilWood x H+Son Archetype.
Challenge Fango 33c

Recently got the wheels built at ShifterBikes as well as the cables and bar tape blacked out, super happy.

Looking forward to Rnd2 DDCX! See yall there!

Looks so sweet! Saw that on Shifter’s 'gram a few days ago.

The Archetype rims are really nice to ride, but you might regret having them for CX because I find they collect water inside really easily. After riding in the wet I need to deflate the tyres and pop a bit of the bead to drain them. It’s rather annoying

This looks nice. Real nice wheelset.

Lovely! Drill a hole in the side of the rims to drain water perhaps?

Interesting you say this I hadn’t thought about it at all. Was your experience while riding cross or just on the road in the wet (running tubeless)? When I think about it, wouldn’t it happen to most rims or just ones that don’t have eyelets?

Just riding on the road in the wet, with tubes.
I don’t know whether it’s just me or other people and other rims have the same issue

UPDATE: I got some MAD as tan walls from Jetnikoff! Thanks heaps they totally rock.

Haven’t had any problems with rain/water retention in the rims, perhaps i’m lucky.

Really happy with how it rides. cross bikes can go anywhere.

You got some Challenge Grifos I take it?

I have the Challenge Limus’ myself and luuurrrve them - so supple, I comfortably ran them at ∼30psi F&R at last week’s cross race. Could climb like spiderman - even on clay. Man good tyres make such a difference.

Nice bike BTW :slight_smile:

ftfeveryoneelse :wink:

This thing is pretty rad!

I’ve also got some Grifos and really rate them. I have heard though a few mention something of having to seal the sidewalls to prevent them from deteriorating? Anyone able to shed some light?

love it

Yep, this is good looking rig.

Friggin’ awesome

Very true.

very nice!