Colnago with Nice parts (gumtree)

Looks nice and is a real colnago aswell. anyhere want it?

Colnago | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Forrestfield

$ 650

Vintage Colnago 1980’s
Colombus 56 Cm
Suntour Superbe Pro
Cinelli Bars
Mavic G40 Rims (France)

Extremely good condition
Not ridden and well garaged for over 15 years

Needs seat cover

Looks like a fakenago to me.

The “Colnago” stamped onto the seat and chain stays begs to differ.

That’l teach me to open my mouth when i’m looking at pics on my phone. I’ll just be over in the corner with my dunce cap on.

Its a good thing I’ve left Perth otherwise I might be divorced by now

Jaseyjase probably already has this in his hands by now.

What is it with Perth and tyre wipers? My Hetchins from Freo had the same.

That bike has Superbe brakes & hubs, cranks may be pro. Either way, frame looks very clean, good buy for vintage steel.

yeh its id definitely legit… the hubs look campy? and if that tubing sticker is original that makes it columbus sp I think.

Why Perth people are getting all these gems (or at least bargain)

Suntour Superbe, not Pro, not Campagnolo. Excellent hubs.

Everybody in WA has so much money they buy Di2 Dogma’s as pub bikes - they have no need for ‘old’ stuff anymore.

Or so i’ve heard. :slight_smile:

hahha - a tad large for me, very tempted though, but saving my penny’s for the rossin.

and the paint stripper and a steel bar to bend it to 130 spacing

for the record the rossin has neither been spaced or stripped - still deciding on colour and i tried running the sram group after squeezing the ksyriums in the 126mm and it was fine =D

oh, and any reason you and jolan are sharing avatars?

Because alexb618 loves me.

nah its not love i just want to touch you up in the topham car park bike showers

i might pursue this :slight_smile:

^^^ lol

Anyone in Perth able to help a Melbournite out?

have you been like a little lost lamb since Veale gdns dunnies were K O’d?

If you wanked in those new showers , it would be Knocking the top off in Topham, (Fnaar, Fnaar)