My new Colnago Master Olympic

Haven’t ridden with toe clips for years, so a bit of a retard out there at the moment. If you see me, laugh quietly, then say ‘hi’!

Mostly campy stuff (brake, seatpost, cranks, chainring). Frame came with a dura-aceheadset. Pauls brake lever, Phil bottom bracket, Velocity rims/hubs. Waiting for a white Rolls to come from Germany (ebay) hopefully it arrives!

Running 53x20. Built by Shifter.

My daily is a Salsa Casseroll with a Brooks B17 in honey…

Una bici graziosa

Master Olympic envy.

Have been after one of these for some time but they never come up big enough. I know an old guy my size who has a red one, and I know how to wait :-D.

I’d like it with some polished silver wheels and some c-record campy hubs, but I’ve run out of money :frowning:

I wondered about those Velocities but I didn’t want to offend :wink:

Oh God help us all.

It’s not about you this time :smiley:

Look good with some gears.


Cliche response… :roll:

Save the sermon for ‘’ :smiley:

I’m all for uber expensive ‘conversions’, hell I’ve got one myself!

As long as you ride it more than me (ie more than once a month… :cry:)

The build looks great, impossible to make a frame like that look bad. My only note would be the Velocity wheelset- it would work better if it were more understated I reckon.

But 2 thumbs up from me!

Nah… go for it, I would. As long as you keep it open for a geared option later if you change your mind. Looks great, enjoy it !Just ditch the freewheel, you won’t be needing it.

pretty awesome, i like it a lot

yeah silver wheels would be much better.

gears would be nice too - but if I was doing that i’d like a new campy groupset - which i am too broke to afford at this stage. Campy chorus or something!

Until you snap the dropouts by riding it fixed too hard…

2nd. I think I’m going to stockpile road frames while I wait with trepidation for the ``post-fixed-gear-now-road-bike-but-don’t-have-any-road-bikes-left-because-we-broke-them-all-riding-them-fixed" revolution…

P.S. No I don’t think ure converted frame will break if you ride it around leisurely with a brake…

Secksy frame though.

So now I know where this frame went after the ebay sale a few weeks ago.

Lovely frame, yes it needs gears and with the amount you dropped on the frame I would have thought that you could have afforded more flashy wheels.

Just don’t trash it riding fixed, it would be crying shame.

I bought the one that was advertised here under Rhino’s name a few months back. Paint needed some touchup but it has built up nicely, Dura ace derailleurs & downtube shifters open pro wheels. They certainly get peoples attention.

this isn’t the master that sold recently on ebay - that’s another - i think it’s a 56 (this is 57)

i’ve got a salsa casseroll that is my daily. the colnago i only ride with the missus and mates when cruising around

will build it with gears next year :slight_smile:

Sweet. Campy i hope? :smiley: