Anyone get this

Colnago Track Bicycle | eBay

i f**ked up my bidding. i got abit excited and had 120.00 typed in, insted of 1200.00. pretty pissed, cos i was bidding it up over the course of the day.

shit so it was you

$1000 was my limit so i kinda didnt deserve it

can you explain the purpose of bidding the price up? i’m not having a go, just genuinely curious. wouldn’t that mean you will likely pay more in the end?

yeah but you can scare people off,
House auctions are a great example 20 bids of $1000 at the dying stages but i have witnessed plenty where some one throws in a $20k bid when the bidding is rising in $1000 lots and scares the crowd away with their deep pockets.
Appears crazy but can save $$$$$ in the end.
Only works in highly sought after gear and when you know it will go high.

Scare of the posers and let everyone else know that you are a serious bidder. It tactics and it does work.

ah k cool

^ those boys would know =D

Colnago Track Bicycle (eBay item 320702366462 end time 26-May-11 18:32:56 AEST) : Sport

wonder why

round two gypsy?


Dodgy buyer not seller.

and its now gone.

to you? 1k bargain

Yeah pretty happy. Another italian refugee into my stable.

weird he would pull it at around $900 with time left! I was top bidder - not that I really wanted or needed but at the price…

good buy.