color sheme

hey guys building a second fixie, and i want to get colored b43’s and i painted the frame red. and now i have no idea what color rims to get haven’t got any other parts so yeah there all open for color as well any suggestions

“Use your feelings, Obi Benson-Wan, and find him know it, you will.”

depends on the other parts. white, black and polished are ol’ faithfulls.

I like CC’s star wars theme going on today.

HMC i was thining the same thing second time ive seenhm throw that pic around today

as for the red frame, green is its contrast colour but then it might be a bit christmas’y

but i agree with lam blacks white and polished bits all work well, jut dont run red rims as well cant stand all one colour bikes… sorry


  • put a [c] in scheme
  • use the [shift] key to help put a capital letter at the beginning of every sentence
  • there’s no apostrophe in B43s, it’s not posessive
  • there / they’re
  • a [?] to put at the end of your sentence, because it’s a question

If you don’t ask the question properly you can hardly expect an answer, can you? Least of all a helpful one.

(If you do go with red rims, make sure the tint goes with your frame. That’s the kind of thing I’d fuck up.)

LAM: especially fenders/mudguards!

I think chrome rims on a red frame look sexy. Do it.

You could try silver…

This would imply the complimentary colour of red is green.


You missed an ‘s’ in ‘possessive’. :wink:

Following on from LAM, you have three choices:

white componentary = horrible on any bike.

This would imply that he implies that.

just go red and blue - always works

I’ve always liked the classic black/white/silver look, and would happily ride a chrome frame with black rims/hubs/components, with white spokes. I think that combo looks really tidy!

imho, you should only have one colour other than white, black and silver on the bike. but that’s just me.

keep it simple: red frame/silver everything else.

I’m down with that :wink:

Hell yeah, polished silver B43’s are trick, chrome and shine everything else and you’re laughing.

try red as the main colour
than have like teal or maybe mint green parts
with a few polished chrome parts and white as well

like this