Colossi Low Pro (W.I.P.)

Here’s my soon to be new ride…

Currently up at Gear in Brisbane getting built up, will post photo’s as Gypsy sends them…

Colossi Low Pro

Love the colour. Are they the carbon forks?

Yeah it is

I really dig these frames, can’t wait to see the finished product. Build plans?

All the parts are already at Gear will post up pics and parts as Gypsy installs/sends me photos…

looks nice

So what, you told Gypsy to surprise you with the parts? Or your waiting for photos to surprise us?

I sent him parts list and so on, the bike is still being put together so no photo’s yet…

But here is a list of the parts

Is this a custom paint job? What’s the damage to the hip pocket for the frameset?

Yeah it is custom paint job, Colossi as far as I know does not charge anything for custom colours on stock decals, the fork how ever I think was an extra charge.

how long was the wait? I’m waiting on my paint scheme to come back from colossi… the wait is torture!!

very nice btw, can’t wait to see her finished!!

Bike is gonna be delayed a bit…:frowning:

One day before the build is to start at Gear…this happens…:frowning:

A customer not reading signs knocked the frame over…

So here’s the frame and why it’s delayed…

A customer at Gear knocked it over and ran off…

Knocked it over? Looks like it got booted across the floor!

That is some bad luck. Any dents besides the head tube? If not, I’d just be touching up or just sticker over the scratches and not bother getting a replacement.

Someone buy gypsy a nail gun.

Frame will get scratched anyway.

Save yourself the heartache of your first scratch later (and avoid the effort for gear)

true that…but apparently it’s big…but then again…top tube pad :smiley:

It was lucky I was’t in the store when it actually went down. There would have been blood.

Me and Moosey are sorting it through and we’ll have a result soon enough.