Colossi Track

Evening all,

I hit up a come and try day at chandler velodrome a few weeks ago, it was all sorts of awesome and i knew it was going to result in me parting with some unplanned bike dollars.

I had a colossi x gear raw frame and got to work making some small changes to get it sorted for the velodrome. Rides beautifully so far, would love some light wheels and new crank.

Frame: 55cm Colossi x Gear RAW
Fork: Colossi raw
Crank: C-Unit 170mm + 48t Fyxo Chainring
Sprocket: 15t Roselli
Wheels: Velocity A23s
Stem: Thompson Elite
Bars: Nitto Drops
Seatpost: Random donated by Jase
Saddle: Turbo Saddle
Pedals: Shimano 105s SPD-SL

Nice build man

yeh nice bike:) Every new colossi build makes me want one even more.

Does it have the rust effect under the clear coat? I reckon some day time shots would do it justice.

Nice bike now i know who you are at the track.
The a23 are a nice wheel with a great profile you would have to spend big $$$$$ to get better than these.

I’m quite happy with the colossi frame for the price, it feels great, the welds and brazing look great also.
And yep its got the surface rust effect under the frame (freaked me out about a month after i first got it, there was this massive rust thumb print of the builder on the top tube, i was like WTF then found out its intentional)

Only bits I’m not happy with is IMO the clear coat is a bit thin \ soft, but thats such a minor complaint, for $400 its excellent.

I’ve met scott briefly so far, i think you guys where hanging near the right hand side of the stands, ill drag the other guys over to say hey this week.

The velocity hubs on the a23s have been really good too, i do have a thing for outrageously expensive carbon wheels with super low spoke counts though, too bad my wallet doesn’t feel the same.