Colossi x GEAR Build

Hey all,

I figured it was time to post up my ride, it’s been a long time coming. I’ve been riding the shit out of it for a good few months now and I couldn’t be happier. You might have spotted this build on Prolly recently but I’ve since finished it off with some built up TB14s. Hope you like it, enjoy!

Frame - Colossi x Gear Gios Blue 54cm
Headset - Tange Levin (NJS)
Bottom Bracket - Sugino 75 Track Bottom Bracket (NJS)
Crank Set - Sugino 75 Track Crank Set (NJS) 165mm
Chain Ring - Sugino 75 Track Chain Ring (NJS) 44T
Chain - HKK Vertex Chain (NJS)
Rims - H Plus Son TB14 High Polish
Tyres - Continental Ultra Gatorskin
Hubs - Gran Compe Track Hubs 32H
Stem - Nitto Pearl Track Racing Stem (NJS) 100mm
Handlebar - Nitto B259AA Alloy Riser
Brake - Dia-Compe BRS-100 Caliper Front Brake
Seat Post - Nitto SP72 Jaguar Seat Post (NJS)
Pedals - MKS Royal Nuevo Track Pedals (NJS)
Toe clips - MKS Track Pedal Toe Clips (NJS)
Straps - Cadence Bound Double Straps Suede
Saddle - Sella Italia Turbo Saddle

Cheers to Gypsy and Eric for the GEAR, ha!

Reverse building an NJS bike hey? Just need the frame lol!

Build looks good! Solid parts list!

I never noticed how slack the HT angle on those colossi’s were though!!!


Nice build dean! Very clean.

nice ride dean, still digging that wheelset

Cheers! Haha yeah you could say I’m a fan, most of the parts were actually stripped from an NJS Vivalo frame size 57.5cm which is too large for me. I"ll be posting it up for sale whenever I get around to it.

The more I see Colossi frames the more I want one.

looks the goods! is there a reason for swapping from the stock fork?

in regards to the slack ht angle, i’d say it’s more a case of it being a 54c-t and more of a ~52sq (going off mine as a 56c-t, 54sq). still has decent toe overlap though!

Thanks! It’s actually the same stock fork from colossi just chrome plated. Because you can never have enough chrome!

Looks fast! nice work

Another one for the TB14 brigade, excellent,! Your ride looks the goods and nice matchy matchy of the Colossi + FYXO red/blue stripes in that last pic


Hells yeah, TB14s are the bomb! Just noticed that and the colours are exactly the same, neato!

Really nice, clean and sweet.

appreciate all the comments peeps, some feedback would be rad! i’m thinking gum wall tyres would just about do it for this build.

This looks sweet now. Tb14s set off any frame beautifully. Radial on the front so nice. dean wouldn’t worry about the gumwalls yet. just ride the shit out of it as it is.

Nice bike! But I agree with the above.
Don’t switch to gumwalls… Yet.

haha we’ll see how much you want em once i’m done with them and thanks man, your leader setup is so sick!

^ this.

words to live by.