colossi x gear

skipped class to put my new ride together. i think made the right choice.

  • colossi x gear 56 frame
  • velocity deep v’s
  • c-unit cranks+chainring
  • 3t stem + nitto rb021
  • concor

currently riding a 46/16 ratio, although might have to drop the sprocket down a tooth or two depending on how i find brakeless with the couple of hills i come across daily. i’m liking the current spin but i’m thinking maybe lowering it would be too spiny…

big thanks to erik for putting up with my uncertainty choosing the right size.

im a fan of bullhorns…nice.

Yeah that’s seriously nice.

The colossi x gear frames look great! Nice work

maybe try 46-17

Can I ask how tall you are?

And this is soo nice, hopefully by the end of the year or latest january (when I finish study) gear will building a baby like this!

love the colour schemes and simple black tape/saddle, nothing flashy just gets the job done

Real nice they are such a good bang for buck frame.

its a great little frame. i was eying them off a while ago, so stoked that i finally got my hands on one. i’m ~182cm tall, for a reference height.

looks tops!!!

46/17 will be the goer!!

Looks really nice. 46 17 would be ideal.

Nice, clean and simple.

Unpretentious and clean. Love it.

Tight little frames aren’t they?

So good, I’m 181(ish) so thinkin’ I’ll be the same size, anyways looks great very jealous!

tight! looks great

Bike envy.