Columbus max bargain

Someone grab this so i don’t. Whether or not it is actually a sannino it’s still good buying…

Vintage Sannino Steel T/T Frame 57 cm Columbus Max (oval tubing) | eBay

Anyone have a spare max fork???

gone… Dubrat?

Yup pushed the button… Now need to find a fork or have one made… Repaint then modern group

Don’t worry the pleasures all mine.

That’s 2 frames you’ve helped me out with freck thanking you…

Adrian you have a problem hahahaha
nice work max fork blades are rare try some old builders that might have stock laying around.

Give Tarn at Primate a call. He gave me a heads up on some NOS max blades that had surfaced, they might still be available.
Although if you’re going for a modern group, a carbon fork might not be out of place…

I just bought some max blades and fork crown to build up, but that’s for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I do have a problem!!!

I have no MAX fork haha

Once the Corratec comes back from Joe i will build it up and decide if I keep it or not and then decide what to do with this thing…