Columbus Max Track

WOW, This thing is so tough looking. The webbing, the wishbone stays, the price, just amazing! But the size:(

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Bike exchange has thrown up some good stuff recently.

and now this…

I know its you Brakefree…

Darn it this was perfect for the missus…

I wish.
I didn’t realize Wayne kotzur ever made anything this rad. I want it just because, even though it is like 10cm too small

haha He said it was someone just around the corner so i guessed it might have been you.

has it been sold?

Owner had had 3 calles before 7:30 this morning…

Someone that lives 2 streets away from him has said he will come pick it up tonight.

yep, called at 7:15 gone like the dodo.

How much was it?

$200 :frowning:

oh man =(

So my smart arse little brother asks if I can give him a lift in the car to pick up a wheel that he lent to a mate,

I park out the front, wait for a bit, then he comes out smiling ear to ear with this frame in his hands

It is fucking mint, only ever used on the track many years ago, then stored in the guys roof.
photos up soon

just build one yourself shitbird :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, shitbird

and I didn’t really want the frame, id look like a fucking clown being 6 foot 4 on a 55 x 49cm or whatever it is

Shitbird ha!

Keen to see some more photos of it…

fark get some pics up! and i wanna see some wheels on it!!!

what does he have planned?