Columbus/Reynolds Track

Was lookin for an excuse to test out my new flash - enter recent impulse purchase (well not that recent)

Noname frame, columbus ends, cut out lugs, wrapover seat stay lugs, ‘Reynolds’ across the fork shoulders. Front fork is rather tight with a regualr 23c rubbin, so running a 20c at the moment, its a 54sq.

For those who remember my ‘bianchi’ decal issue, i decided to leave it for the moment until i know what id like to do with it.

Came with a 600 headset, Sakae FX 27.2 post, shimano cups with sugino axle. 3T stem to 3T bars. Superbe Pro 165 cranks, and Superbe Pro high flange hubs, both NJS stamped. Rear is a campy Omega 19, front is a mavic SUP.

Added me OG Turbo and some crappy MKS road pedals and christophe clips/straps until i can convince Fusen to sell me his superbe pro pedals!

I really like it

Sames, wowzerz.
Superb pro is very, very nice

Awesome! Love the paint and the Superbe pro!

Looks slick! Very nice indeed. And if you ever decide to sell those wheels in the very near future… :wink:

get in line buddy

nice jase real nice!

Really nice Jase!
The dropouts look tiny or is that just me??

Jase jase jase ha ha!! It never ends!! Finish your damn mcbain, and swap all those parts onto that frame. Would be mint! :wink:

cheers fellas =D

i thought so too! But then ive never really measured it as i always thought there was a standard?

hahhaha…i was trying to! And i did think about putting the wheels on the McBain, but then it would be a shame to brake on the rims, and i cant skid for shit.

I really dig this build! So many decent builds popping up, can’t wait to start my own once the jaw gets unwired and wrist cast off!

depends on what gearing you plan on running! i’m skidding 80 gear inches on swept risers. i built up a brakeless bike the other week only running 69gi. and with bullhorns and such a low gear i was almost skidding sitting down!

Just like anything, practise practise practise.

I also dont think that there would be a real issue with braking on those wheels. they are meant to be ridden so who cares!

nicey nice! loving the colour scheme.

Why are you selling this!?

was an impulse buy, dont need another frame, and the front is too tight to run a ‘normal’ 23c. Im building up another frame with more clearence and also slightly bigger. This is a 54sq and my other frame is a 55 which just fits better i find. You’d think 10mm is nothing aye!

bummer :frowning: hope it goes to good hands. if it was 60+ i would be keen :slight_smile:

Did I miss something in this thread? Is this bike/frame for sale?

he wouldve spotted it on gumtree =)

Although i did list the frame up in the frames section.

My friend has a bike with ends like these - he refers to them as ‘stumpy’s’. I reckon they look real cool, but they’ve given us he’ll trying to break a chain to length.

Sweet build

yeh, was a bit of hassle, specialy with the rear wheel slammed in! Trick i found was to take it off the rear cog and chainring to give plenty of slack to break the chain. =)

Nice one, although I really put that sentance badly. What I should have said was; it gave us trouble connecting a chain to length, so that one too many links left the wheel hanging out the back, or one too few had the chain like a bow string. We ended up opting for the latter lol