Come and get your face on the tv

I was just approached by the producer of “The Great South East” on Channel 7 about them running a spot on bike polo. I need as many able bodied people (no actual polo skill required), for a hit around at Musgrave Park while they film next Monday morning (16th May) from 7am for a couple of hours.

The more people the better but I need at least 5 other people to make this a goer. I need to get back to them in 24 hours to let them know if it can go ahead, so let me know if you can make it.

Particularly interested in getting a couple of teams that went to Nationals being there to talk about that.

Me and Jamie are down!

D own

ill be there

I can come and stand. Not able to ride again so soon after surgery.

I could do a story on the dangers of tall bikes if they’re interested though.

man, if only we could like peoples comments ^^^

i’ll be there.

Thanks for offering to help out guys. Weather looks ok for tomorrow. Can I please ask everybody to be down at the courts at 7am with your bikes and mallets. The filming should only take an hour and a half so expect to be out of there by 8:30am. If you can’t stay for the whole thing then that is ok, I’ll try to get them to do the big group stuff first and the 1-on-1 interviews last.

Thanks to everybody who came along. Geordie had an idea that we might all gather to watch it on the Sunday when it airs. The show will be on at 5:30pm so we could play until it starts getting dark and then commandeer the back room at Archive for a viewing. I will let everybody know when this is.