Come Climbing

Hi guys,

Name’s Ben, I’m new to the forum, not many fixed rider buds…
I like to hit up the eastern beaches and suffer up the hills for fun, anyone keen to get some fixed gear group rides cranking to cover a fair bit of distance and ascent? If ones exist can you throw me bone?
Also keen for city burns and beers too if you’re scared… :smiley:

Sus out Biblical Fixies they still do a fair bit of fixed riding around town.

The rest of us are in the burbs or are too old / no fucks given for big fixed kms lol

The Raphael/giant/beardy crew do weekly Eastern beaches hills rides. Flammable Thinker can give details.

Whoops, they do road & cx rides, but if you think you can keep up on a track bike then you’d be welcome, they’re all great guys but fit and fast.

I might organise some fixie friday rides now that I’m working & living southside… Get a roadie and come and play with the fast hills on wednesday from rapha!