Come n Try day at DISC 5 Oct

There is a new come n try track day being held at DISC on Oct 5.

(Sorry too technology challenged to be able to post the flyer)

Details below:

"The day will commence at 11 am and finish at 5pm. The course of the day will be divided into four 90 minute sessions each costing a total of $10 per person per session. A maximum number of twenty riders per 90 minute session will be enforced to ensure maximum support and advice is available to each person taking part in the sessions.

Preferred session time 11-12:30/ 12:30-2/ 2-3:30/ 3:30-5

First and Last Name

Contact Phone Number

Email address

Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact Phone Number

Payment can be made over the phone via credit card or by cheque addressed to CycleSport Victoria and sent to or dropped in at office.

Contact —

Brett Truscott

Regional Development Officer - West

Cyclesport Victoria

(Victorian Cycling Inc)

P: 8480 3000

F: 8480 3099


Thanks Kiwicyclist.
I was scheduled for the last one but got sick.
Has anyone done one of these?

I haven’t done one of these before but i have volunteered my assistance in helping out on one of these sessions, as have a lot of other people on this forum.

They are a great introductory session to track cycling encouraging all levels of rider ability and age. It is a very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere where hire bikes are available and you will learn various things such as basic bicycle technology, bike handling skills and various sections of the velodrome. Before you know it you will be on the boards doing laps in no time


i’m there.


I’ll be there

count me in. murray, what time?


I’d like to take part! Never even stepped on a track before, though, so what’s the chance of me looking like a spaz?

The chances are very very high, but don’t fret because you’ll be with a whole heap of other spaz’s who may or may not have ridden on the boards either.

If anyone has ever wondered as to what it would be like to ride the boards for whatever reason, then come down. For a small fee you can answer the question, meet some new faces, kill a few hours, get a bit fitter, do what you love doing (which is the same as everyone here, riding bikes). Whatever reason you choose, do it with a smile on your face. There’s no pressure to go as fast as you can because it’s a fun affair.

Be there :smiley:

What Chris said.

Just go and do it. It’s lots of fun and nobody gives a fuck how fast you ride. The view from the banking is something you have to experience.

Don’t do it, you will hate it. You will be derided for years to come and you will appear on the cover of the Hearald Sun with the slogan “Track Loser Weirdo Spaz”. Also track riders are a queer bunch and might want to caress your bottom or WORSE. I say give BMX a go, at least it’s interesting and has carnage, none of that roundy roundy shit. If you must simply try this co called ‘cough’ ‘sport’ a couple of things to remember is:

  • YELL “get the fuck outta me way CUNT”
  • Skidz, do lots of skidz, show your mad skillz
  • Use 190mm cranks
  • Go clockwise, track homos love the refreshing change of direction, they will thank-you…
  • drop your speed below walking pace, especially on the banking
  • The more lycra the better
  • Or just turn up wearing a cock sock
  • Stop after each lap just in case you fall asleep
  • Don’t mention Anna Meares, or you will cause other track riders to get a ‘boner’ (and that’s just on the women). If you mention Ryan Bailey you’ll watch them scream with delight and run into the toilets
  • Blame your equipment
  • Ride a converted road frame fixie, track riders love looking down their noses at you, but they will secretly yearn for your punk ‘tude’ and welfare status.

Do these things and you will NOT look like a spaz…

You make me laugh out loud.

Yeah Yeah!

I laughed so hard, I got one of them snot bubbles :-o

Someone’s baggage certainly didn’t get lost at the airport!

There’s probably only one person on earth who doesn’t look like a spaz on the track, and anyhow (as pointed out previously) no-one cares - so come along and have a go. You may or may not like it :slight_smile:

Damoh - are you sure you’re not doing something else that day??!!

Hmmm…that does look more interesting

ok, got it
can i take my brakeless single speed

Flyer up now: