Come on down!

Hey, any of you who are looking for something to do tonight - come on down to DISC from 7:30pm to watch some track racing!

Here here! Very cool atmosphere and effort by both guys :wink: hjb sprint points leader whoooooooooo!!!

Thanks for support dudes!
Great to see a crowd down at the track. You guys should get yourselves on the track too. Man, 94 gear inches on the points race was ridiculous… :evil:

At least there were no crashers this week.

A few wheels got touched, but no one hit the deck.

So… who’s coming along tonight?

2 more weeks till i’m free

Me, and you’re giving me a lift I hope :wink:
B grade for you tonight ndf?

Yep, done. We can talk about you riding C grade in the car on the way there :wink:

ehm, remember this is Northcote, not Brunswick :evil: they go a little faster.

Hrmm to go down to DISC and watch some racing tonight OR stay home and watch the Aussies thump Sri Lanka in the cricket?! Decisions decisions!

Well the cricket was one sided and I really shouldn’t have had that glass of wine with dinner… I might have made it to DISC otherwise :wink:

Better a glass of wine than homework, yeah homework remember that? Well it still sucks!

Good for you! Learning how to read and write, it’s never too late chris.

hahah sucks to be you then! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:
10 years at uni which included 5 years of working full time and studying part time, yeah that sucked - I have done my fair share of studying to last me a loooooong time! One day the bit of paper might be worth something :wink:


HAHA yep but I’ve gotta learn how to stay between the lines first, fuck thats hard you have no idea.

I’m there tonight, Sarah’s coming too to have a look. Anyone else???

Very slight chance… I have dinner in the CBD 6ish, depends when that finshes. Are you staying for all the races?

Not too sure at this stage, maybe stay till ~7.30

is that a typo? Nothing happens till 7:30- or are you riding tonight?