coming for a visit.

Hey guys,
I’m coming down to Melbs to see a couple of old friends, but they’re gonna be locked up in uni for a little bit of my stay, so I was wondering whether you guys could point me in the right direction for:

-Places to eat
-Bike shops to go to

I’ve done most of the boring tourist shit on previous visits so I’m probably alright missing out on that stuff.
Also is there any sort of decent bike rental in you guyses’ city? I wouldn’t mind renting out a Roadie and going for a ride with some of y’all if you’re keen/I can find a bike.

Bring a bike, if not I’ll try get one and we can ride.

nah just doing carry-on luggage unfortunately. Know of any places to rent one?

If you want a get around bike, hit me up and I’ll loan you one. Not a roadie but.