Coming soon - Fixed Outlaws

Overnight adventure, likely 19-20 Jun, possibly 12-13 Jun - opinions welcome.

More to come…

I’m liking it. Prize for most outrageous western wear?

NOICE! I am out of town on the 19-20th of June… so 12-13 would be rad for me if that can happen.

So here’s some details.

Route will begin at the Kamberra Winery and take in the Old Federal Highway before we head west for a rest stop and a beer at Gundaroo. We will then continue north for the second rest stop in Gunning before the final stage into Collector for celebratory home made pies and ale on the couches in front of the fire - 100km. Return route will be direct via the new and old Federal Highways - 50km.

Accomodation is at the hotel and costs $50 a single or $80 a double (there are also dorm rooms but I am yet to get a hold of the pub for info (shut Mon-Tues)).

I’m currently toying with the idea of employing the services of a sag-wagon to be on hand in case of heart failure and to carry a spare change of clothes for the lot of us. Any volunteers (wives, girlfriends, gimps)? Of course they will be welcome to stay the night but must be well studied in bike related topics and/or trash talk.

So now the major question is dates - there’s the Queens B’day long weekend over 12-13 Jun, the next three weekends are out due to clashes with other events, then there’s 10-11 or 17-18 Jul (which would work well as we could probably watch a stage of the tour!!).

I’m not looking for big numbers on this ride, probably max 6, so let me know ASAP if your keen and what date is good.

Well I am keen, it is just working out dates that can suit all interested parties.

I am good for the long weekend, or the 10-11 July.

Public holiday weekend is out for me - Mawson Marathon!

Other dates would be great. As for a sag wagon - I’ll just pannier it up :slight_smile:

  • Joel

At this stage both of the July weekends are free. If I’m broken for some reason I’ll drive sag.

Gnarly. Well, due to poular demand July has it.

At this stage we’ll say 10-11th and we may be able to watch Stage 7:Tournus>Station des Rousses.

I’ll get onto the pub for accommodation costs etc then we can lock ourselves in by booking.

Looking forward to it.

Yeah hope they receive SBS2 :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been looking forward to this, i am in,
Alana wants to come but isn’t up to riding that far, she could be support driver?

Okay, so this is still on the burner. Have been trying to get a hold of the pub but they NEVER answer their phone. If anyone heads out that way would you mind dropping in and getting some info on accommodation (number and types of rooms, price etc.). No huge deal, I’m sure we can rock up on the day with emergency tents if all fails.

Anyhow, one important change - it will be on the weekend after we proposed, which would be 17-18 Jul.

Let me know if there’s any issues. Cheers.

A pity about the change of date, I’ve made other arrangements for that night.

Have a great ride chaps!

I can’t make the 17-18 weekend, I will be on the slopes in Victoria. So I guess I am out…

Unlucky guys, will be a great trip. My problem is that I really don’t want to miss the Canberra to Coast ride which was just announced for that weekend. Blame my MTB roots…

Could we reschedule? I’m still pretty keen for this

Doubtful about a reschedule, super busy couple of months, the snow is on the mountains! but will investigate.

Damn, cause I just found out I have to be somewhere on the 17th-18th…

Good news. It’s worked out that postponement is the only option so we’ll keep the ride on hold for a tad longer.

Maybe mid August??? No hurry so we’ll sort something out.

Sounds good, amigo. A heads-up that I’m directing the ACT ITT Championships on 22/8, and the ACT Road Championships is 21/8, but the rest of August is free so far.

Alright, looks like 7-8 Aug is when I’ll be doing this. As per the trend of this seemingly pointless thread none of you will be able to make it, but that’s cool, let me know if you can so I can contact the pub.