Coming to Adelaide

Hi guys.

I’ll be arriving in Adelaide on Saturday arvo and coming back to Melbourne on Thursday. I’ll be bringing my road bike and want to get some riding done. There’s a good chance that my schedule will only allow for one ride so I wanna make it a good one.

Basically I’m looking for suggestions of good climbs. I found this site which looks to be a good resource, except for the fact that the climbs aren’t listed by area or plotted on a map, which makes planning a ride kind of difficult.

I’ll be starting in Forestville, and looking to do anywhere from 100-200km, preferably with as much climbing as possible.

Not trying to get any of you to plan my entire ride for me, but please do let me know what your favorite climbs are, that way I can refer back to that website and figure out a route.

Thanks in advance!

Windy Point to Sheoak, up to Upper Sturt then over freeway & up to Lofty Summit, from there you’ve got lots of options.

Everyone seems to want to do Corkscrew, so you could loop out to Lobethal then back, up Corkscrew & over to Norton Summit.

Thanks! That gives me heaps to go on.

Ride never eventuated. Copped concussion and a busted nose the night before and had to call it off. Gutted. Determined to get back and tick a big ride or two off the list. Maybe mid semester break.

Thanks again for the tips Larfinboy, they won’t go to waste.