Coming to Canberra!

Good Canberrians of FOA,

I will be coming down after Pushies Galore for a couple of weeks. I will have my cross bike with gears and my buddy has hustled a MTB for me. So I’m keen ride, coffee, beers and meet folks… Never really done a full on winter, so i’m kinda not looking forward to that part. I’m going to the snow whilst im down, first time ever!! Just read the ‘minus temperature riding’ thread and I’ll be digging up some base layers before I come.

Looking forward to it.

  • Gypsy


Dates son? I suggest we do the northern section of the Centenary trail one day?

Gypsy who?

It’ll be cool to meet you Gypsy. Centenary trail’s a great idea, I want to ride it again - haven’t done the northern part yet.

Also we have the trails around the Brindabellas for rough-ish gravel grinds.

Yay, good reason for a group mtb/gravel ride. Agree with northern centenary or Brindies (snow trip!)

this guy.

Keeeeen. I’m down from about the 14/15th July** Staying for about two weeks headed home end of the month.

** Up to Kumo cos he’s driving…