coming to perth for a week

So I’ll be in Perth for a week for work (24th to the 29th). Probably won’t have tons of time to ride, but hoping to fit a few trips in and explore the city a bit, I’ve never been to Perth before.

Firstly, work has booked me in at the casino hotel, I need to get from there to an office on St Georges Terrace each day. What’s the best way to ride? Is ‘The Causeway’ across heirisson island okay to ride on? Kinda looks like a freeway on google maps but I can’t really tell. I don’t mind mixing it up with traffic a little, but 100km/h peak hour is probably not a good idea.

Secondly, the main ride I want to do is out to Feral Brewery for dinner, then back into the city. It’s roughly 25km each way. Weather forecast isn’t looking great, but I’ll probably do this Monday or Tuesday night. If anyone is keen to join let me know.

Thirdly, any other particularly good places to ride or things to do in Perth? Any restaurant recommendations? (expensive is good cos work is paying, haha).


if riding to feral, take LOTS of lights, pretty dark stretches along those roads. also, say hi to my bro, he lives just near there :wink:

random aside, it still spins me out how close everything actually is in perth now that i have a sense of distance! 25k’s is fuck all, but if someone asked me if i could ride it back when i lived and drove in perth i would’ve told em to get fucked!! haha

hmm. someone wanna loan me some ayups? hah

couple of decent blinkers should do it, one solid, one flashy. maybe get another set of those pedalmotion ones from st cloud.

you know which way you’re headin out?

ah, just checked the website and they only do dinner on fri/sat, close at 5 during the week. shit. any other good breweries in perth? suppose i could go to little creatures in fremantle…

I live across the road from the Casino, easiest way is across the Causeway no problems! You’ll just be battling silly commuters and peds!!

There is a ‘Principal Shared Path’ across the island and if you are hellbent on pissing off some drivers/buses it’s only a 60 zone.

Most of the restaurants in the Burswood Complex are quite nice, and Exxy too. Frasers up at Kings Park is also fantastic (and pricey) so enjoy!

There is path pretty much most of the way to Feral (if you know where to go), but you’ll want bright lights anyway. It’s almost like country roads even though you aren’t that far out of town!

Mash Brewery is good too.

Paul, I want you to mash it on a Mash to Mash and watch MAS*H while eating mash.

haha only just saw this Paul, hence the rather obvious text!!

also, Lyndon, you rule at the Internet

mash brewing sounds good, will definitely be checking out. thanks for the tip!

and if someone can provide me with a mash bike, and if i can make it to the brewery by 6pm tomorrow (MAS*H) i can make lyndon’s fantasy a reality

If you’re staying at Burswood - Rockpool. Best steaks in town:


Get that pleasurrre

^cheerskent! guess ill have to check it out when im back next…i got this one guys.

get that passion, like a sir


The Atrium is pretty neat if you are down for ‘All you can eat’

well i went to Nobu last night (tasty but over priced), will try rockpool tonight i think. Going to ride out to Mash Brewery on Thursday night if anyone wants to join me.

have been, do recommend.